Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Edible Image Choc Moist Cake

Chocolate Moist Edible Image Cake - These cakes were ordered for the Kindergarten Pra of my daughter's school. Cikgu Mazila will order two pieces of choc moist cake every two months(she will combine all her pupils who were born eg.Jan,Feb and celebrate their birthdays in March).She has been very supportive and had recommended me to her friends and relatives.Thank you Cikgu Maz may Allah repay your kindness deeds.

This Upin n Ipin character cartoon shown on Astro channel is quite popular among the little children(even i am one of their fan-coz my girls will watch them and i follow suit).Their tagline "Betul,betul,betul" is on every children's lips.

Upin n Ipin in their school uniforms image

Upin n Ipin having fun image

7inch round choc moist cake

This blueberry cheese tart were repeat orders from Ila of Pulai Indah just before the first term school holidays