Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Edible Image and Pastry Class 20th March 2010

2 Tier Choc Moist Cake and Pastry Class March 2010
The 1st semester school holidays are here. Got an order from CT who is teaching at SKTSB for her son's 10th birthday and her sister. She had tasted my cakes and was recommended by Cikgu Mazila of Tadika Pra. Her comments after the celebration is that "sedap giler", all her guest enjoyed the cake to the last bite. Thank you for the order and compliments.

I organised a pastry making class on 20/3/2010 at 2pm at my house. Three students attended this class, Hazrin,Suzanah and Kak Shidah. Azizah from Mersing couldn't turn up coz of the heavy rain. First we started with the Vol-au-vents,Chicken Pie and Custard Fruit Tartlets..........pastry and fillings. Last but not the least i would like to say a word of thanks to my beloved sister and nephew for helping me out during the class n thanks to my brother-in-law for giving his wife n son the permission of assisting me during my class.

Also a word of thanks to my husband and children for supporting my interest in baking all this while.

April Class 2010 (will confirm the date asap)
Commercial Cake Class 2pm
1.Moist Marble Cake
2.Moist Banana Cake
3.Steamed Coconut Blossom
Brushing the fruit tartlets with apricot jam glaze

Arranging the fruits strawberries,peaches and kiwis

Vol-au-vent cases after baking


Arranging the pastry magerine on the dough

The keen students, thank you for your attendance and support

My next recipe for my April class-moist marble cake

Vol-au-vent with prawn sambal fillings

Custard Fruit Tartlets

Chocolate Moist Cake with Choc Fudge n fondant toppers for CT's son from Tadika Pra SKTSB

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Edible Image Choc Moist Cake

Chocolate Moist Edible Image Cake - These cakes were ordered for the Kindergarten Pra of my daughter's school. Cikgu Mazila will order two pieces of choc moist cake every two months(she will combine all her pupils who were born eg.Jan,Feb and celebrate their birthdays in March).She has been very supportive and had recommended me to her friends and relatives.Thank you Cikgu Maz may Allah repay your kindness deeds.

This Upin n Ipin character cartoon shown on Astro channel is quite popular among the little children(even i am one of their fan-coz my girls will watch them and i follow suit).Their tagline "Betul,betul,betul" is on every children's lips.

Upin n Ipin in their school uniforms image

Upin n Ipin having fun image

7inch round choc moist cake

This blueberry cheese tart were repeat orders from Ila of Pulai Indah just before the first term school holidays

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pandan Kaya Tartlets and Blueberry Filling Muffins

Our resident committee held their AGM meeting and Chinese New Year gathering, since i am one of the committee members i took this opportunity of making some sweet dessert for the function. Since there is leftovers pandan kaya (from my tartlets class) and cream cheese filling from the orders of blueberry cheese tarts i just prepared the pastry and fill them up. My pandan kaya was a homemade kaya. When it is time for the resident to fill up their stomach most of them take up my kaya and blueberry cheese tartlets.Within 15mins all were taken up and it was happy to see that afterall it was worthwhile preparing it and hearing the credits given by the residents. They said it was yummylicious..........:)

The Blueberry Filling muffins were ordered by my girl's, Amirah, Quran recital teacher for his son.

Pandan Kaya Tartlets

Blueberry Filling Muffins

Chilled Mango Cheesecake

Went out with my family to the supermarket, i noticed that the mango season is now on. Along side of the road there were many mangoes on sale. Bought some mangoes back home, ate some with the family but my youngest daughter, fiqa wanted more but because she is asthamatic i told her that i will make for her a mango chilled cheesecake. She quickly agreed and ask me to make it. I started with the cake side panel, pipe the cake mixture with alternate colours of non-coloured mixture and mango paste orange coloured mixture.

The cake side panel
After baking and cooling of the side panel, arrange it into a 9inch loose base cake tin and poured in the cheese filling and set in the fridge

Mango Chilled Cheesecake top with mango pudding- ready to savour the cake, my daughter fiqa was excited n guess what she is the guest-of-honour to cut the cake ceremony

A portion of the cut cheesecake